Matthew Sorensen


To become the best in any profession, you must first understand the fundamental processes from which all future successes are built. These building blocks provide the foundation of any flourishing business, and there is no one who understands the basics of the real estate profession more than Matthew Sorensen. Working with and learning from the best in the business gives Matthew the very best foundation from which to launch a successful real estate career.

A background in the building trade gives Matthew an insight into structure and design and, as a former carpenter, an appreciation for the dwellings synonymous with South East Queensland - the quintessential Queenslanders and cottages that dominate the inner western suburbs. Conscientious, loyal and customer focused, Matthew believes that all outcomes are dependent upon the amount of effort and time taken to construct the best campaign possible, based on the wishes of his clients.

To Matthew, nothing is more important than building relationships and fostering a sense of loyalty in all of his clientele. His diligence, drive and knowledge of the sales process ensures that all prospective sellers and purchasers he comes in contact with are treated with respect and given as much information as possible so that they can make the most informed decision.

As a part of Australasia's most highly regarded real estate group, Matthew Sorensen has the tools you require to achieve the best outcome.