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Glynis Austin understands that being in property is more than just selling real estate - we are connecting families, creating new spaces for kids to learn, giving dogs a back garden, grandparents a place to stay over, empty-nesters an Inner City hub, first home owners their great Australian dream. 

Glynis has been a steady presence in Brisbane's real estate market for nearly 20 years, achieving record prices for her clients and becoming part of the fabric of the Inner West. No matter whether in Brisbane boom times to market downturns, you can draw on her experience and local knowledge to ensure you have the best in the business behind you. 

Service, Trust, Relationships, Integrity, Value and Experience.

When you want the best, Glynis Austin Properties will be there to welcome you home.


  • 2018/2019 - Elite Performer
  • 2018 - Top Salespeople - Settled Commission - No. 6
  • 2018 - $12 million in settled commission in their career
  • 2017/2018 - Elite Performer
  • 2016 - 10 Year Service Award
  • 2017 - Top 10 sales People : Settled Commission - No. 9
  • 2017 - $11 million in settled commission in their carer
  • 2017 - Premier Member
  • 2016 - Elite Performer
  • 2016 - Significant Settled Commission $10 million
  • And 5 earlier awards
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