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13 things to buy before moving into a share house

By George Hadgelias

Share housing is one of the most memorable times in a young adult’s life. 

Sure, there are ups and downs. Like the stand-off that takes place when one of your flatmates refuses to buy the next round of loo paper.

Or waking up to loud music and discovering there’s a mini rave taking place in your kitchen.

Then there are those moments of hilarity on the couch, sitting around the kitchen table sharing meals as a family, and the creation of long-lasting new friendships.

Before you get to all that though, you’ll need a few things to help you start your new life. Try these ideas on for size.

1. Pot plant

Want a harmonious share house?

Greenery instills a sense of calm in any home, so come armed to your new digs with a lush new indoor pot plant.

It’ll put a smile on your dial and most likely be seen by your flatmates as a lovely new addition.

2. New cutlery

If you consider yourself a clean freak – be honest – you’ll need some fresh cutlery for those at-home dinners.

You can generally pick up cheap buys from supermarkets, Target and Kmart.

3. Bath mat

For anyone who gets irked by a wet bathroom floor, consider this: You could be sharing with two, three, four or more other flatmates.

A constantly wet bathroom is inevitable. Ew.

Buying a new mat sorts this issue out early on and avoids accidents.

4. Sheet set

If this is the first time you’ve lived out of home, go nuts and buy some nice, fresh linen.

It will be a little taste of luxury in among the whirlwind of share house living.

5. Toilet paper

If those aforementioned stand-offs do take place, try have a stack of loo paper up your sleeve – nothing quite like running out of toilet paper when you most need it.

6. Cleaning supplies

Stock up on all the essentials to ensure a clean and liveable space: Think detergent, toilet cleaner, window cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, sponges, scrubbing brushes – you name it.

7. Mirror

To avoid getting stuck in the bathroom queue when all you need to do is fix your hair, BYO mirror to your new abode.

A long statement mirror is a great addition to any share house bedroom.

8. Vacuum cleaner or broom

A tidy home’s a happy home.

If you’re confident enough to bring one of these into your new share house, why not suggest a cleaning roster too?

9. Garbage bags

Running out of garbage bags is just plain annoying – have a solid stack on the go and store under the sink.

Particularly for those moments when the garbage is full to the brim and you need to double bag.

10. Webber

Having access to a Webber or small barbecue in your new share house means you can whip up healthy, easy meals, share communal dinners with your flatmates and enjoy some laid-back entertaining.

11. A good wok

If you love to cook a good wok or deep, non-stick frying pan is essential.

12. Wine glasses

Sure you’re share housing, but it doesn’t mean you need to skimp on everything.

Pick up some affordable wine glasses – and if they break, don’t stress. There’s always the less classy option of drinking out of a mug.

13. Cushions or throws

Hating that brown couch with stains all over it?

Invest in a nice throw or liven it up with some colourful cushions. You’ll be glad you did.

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