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1Form has been updated to help top tenants

By George Hadgelias

1form makes a property manager’s job of finding the best tenant for a property easier with an online application. 

Changes have recently been made to include a bio and picture section for both tenant and pet (if the tenant has one). This will not only enhance the 1form experience, but aims to save the property manager’s time by providing them with more information.

With more than 10 million rent visits a month on across Australia1, the rental market is competitive and finding the right tenant is at the forefront of property managers’ minds.

“Investment properties can be one of the most expensive assets a landlord has and finding a great tenant will provide them with confidence that their asset is being looked after,” says REA Group Executive Manager for Rent, Kul Singh.

“Our recent survey2 found that the most important factor for landlords and property managers is finding the best tenant (83%) – it’s even more important than higher rental yield and leasing out the property faster,” Singh says.

The pet section in 1form asks tenants to indicate what their pet’s name is, its breed and council registration number, along with a bio and picture.

Joanne Pearson from McGrath Real Estate in St.Kilda says she enjoys receiving applications with the pet’s information, as transparency between the tenant and the agent is key to a healthy ongoing relationship.

“We’re a very pro pet company and in the past we’ve asked tenants to create a pet application to get them over the line. We love getting applications with beautiful pet photos and thought-out bios, so having this addition to 1form suits us,” she says.

48% of property managers say that they always research the breed of the pet the tenant would like to bring into the rental3. By giving tenants the option of adding a complete overview of their pet, this could eliminate the time property managers spend on research.

Information about the applicant has also been updated to include a bio and picture. From 7 March (when this went live) to the 18 March, over 11,000 profile pictures were uploaded to 1form showing its popularity among the rental community.

“It’s great because you get a sense of who they are with this extra information – it’s not just a form. It helps to make a connection to that person,” she says.

There’s nothing you need to do – this additional information automatically appears on applications you receive if it’s completed by tenants. You can also talk to your Account Manager for more information about 1form.

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