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3 household essentials that come in handy on moving day

By George Hadgelias

Moving house can be a pain in the proverbial backside. The growing to-do list, the mounting stress, the countless variables that can go wrong at a moment’s notice – it’s enough to turn any normally sane person into a spin.

Which is why we’ve decided to make it a little easier for you…

While moving homes is by no means the time to accumulate stuff, there are a few choice household essentials that are going to make life that much easier in the lead up to and on moving day.

If you don’t already own these items in decent supply, now is the time to upgrade.

1. A quality vacuum cleaner

The last thing you want when tackling that dreaded end of lease clean is to be breaking your back running a dodgy vacuum over dust-caked floors where the couch used to sit.

Equally, you don’t want to be messing around with a dusty broom and dustpan when there’s a much more efficient means of getting your new home feeling like no one’s ever set foot in it before.

Enter your very own Dyson V11 Outsize. Everyone knows Dyson make the Rolls Royce of vacuum cleaners and our verdict? This latest model is worth every penny.

Aside from the standard Dyson features which make it synonymous with a fuss-free clean – cord-free technology and a touch-free bin emptying mechanism – the Outsize V11 is bigger and more powerful to accommodate larger Australian homes and long stints of vacuuming, i.e. during a move.

Optimised for deep cleaning, this oh-so-intelligent vacuum can run for up to 120 minutes straight without being charged, thanks to a click-in battery system. Forget that stop-start method of cleaning – you want to get in and out of the job as quickly as possible.

2. Lightweight luggage

It might sound random but if you’re in the market for new luggage, now is the time to buy. This travel essential will also become your best friend during the move as suitcases with wheels are still by far the most efficient vessel to pack your clothes in.

You can use any old suitcases, along with the new ones, to pack all yours and your family’s clothes and just ditch the old ones when you arrive at the new place. The best part of moving homes is the opportunity to declutter and upgrade.

If we’re talking a real upgrade – the Victorinox range of luggage is about as good as it gets. The Swiss army knife makers have put their superior engineering into creating a case that not only looks the part, but is easy to transport – it’s the lightest weight luggage on the global market.

Not that you’ll be doing much carrying. Dual-caster wheels with 360° maneuverability mean you can casually push your wardrobe’s contents from A to B with the nonchalance of an A-list movie star in an airport – no matter how much weight is inside.

When we think about moving homes, our minds automatically go to ‘how can I fit the most amount of stuff in the biggest box?’ Understandably, we want to minimise our trips to and from the car.

But in our desperation to get it all done so quickly, it’s the little guys who lose out. Meaning of course, the little trinkets, pieces of jewellery, prized stationery, kitchen knick-knacks and so on, that can get lost or forgotten in a home move.

Trinket boxes, aside from coming in handy to store these items year round, are great for safely and snugly packing these items on moving day.

Rather than buying disposable pint-sized boxes, invest in some jewellery boxes that suit your new home aesthetic and can be displayed down the track on a mantle or chest in your bedroom.

Fill them to the brim on moving day, then simply release certain items that don’t need to be stored once you arrive.

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