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6 Ingenious Apps That Will Make You Smarter On Moving Day

By George Hadgelias

Moving home is no small task. Things can run much smoother with a little bit of tech help.

Here are a few nifty apps to check out before moving day.


Paperwork is one of the most frustrating parts of moving home. Mortgage documents, bond release forms, rental contracts — there’s always something that needs signing.

Rather than running around printing out document, DocuSign is a fuss-free alternative that allows you to fill out forms and sign documents instantly on your phone.


Let’s face it, moving is a big task – especially if you’ve got kids, you’re on your own, or you’re struggling to get time off work. So, finding some helping hands makes a big difference.

Airtasker allows you to quickly post the specific job you need help with, like moving, packing, cleaning or assembling Ikea furniture.

How does it work? Other people using the app respond to your ad, you choose a suitable respondent to hire and negotiate a fee for the work.


Internet is crucial — especially on the first night in a new home. Whether it’s streaming movies, finding your local coffee shop or playing music while unpacking, you’ll want your internet up and running as soon as possible.

With Optus, all you need to do is message the digital agent within the My Optus App. Just type ‘Relocation’ in the chat and the agent will direct you on how to set up a relocation date. Then follow the prompts to register your change of address to have internet set up from day one. Existing Optus customers can take their current modem with them if they’re moving within the same coverage zone.

If you’re wanting to set up a new plan for home internet, just head online for the latest offers for nbn and 5G home internet plans with no start-up fees in advance. Then, once in the new home, just plug-in your modem to activate the plan and use the app to ask any set up questions.

Moving Van

If organised packing is your style, then this app is for you. Use Moving Van to keep lists and photos of what’s in each box and track specific items during the move. It’s especially helpful for keeping tabs on what items are going into long-term storage.


Many of us have too much stuff, so the period leading up to a move is the perfect time to declutter.

Rather than sending things to the tip, put them on the second-hand market using the Gumtree app. You can snap photos of items and put them up for sale instantly.

Not only does it help dejunk your home, but with the average Australian having about $5800 worth of unwanted items in their home, you can also earn some serious cash.

Another option is to use Marketplace via the Facebook app.

Recycle Mate

While purging your belongings can help declutter your home, it doesn’t dissapear. This is why it’s a good idea to know exactly what you can recycle and how to recycle it.

The Recycle Mate app, made by the Australian Council of Recycling, will tell you what you can reclaimed and reprocessed, which bin to use at home, or suggest drop-off locations for household items such as batteries, mattresses, white goods and electrical items.

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