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6 Things to Know Before Moving Out of Your Family Home

By George Hadgelias

So, you’re finally flying the coop. Moving out of your parent’s house is an important step on the path to adulthood — congratulations!

No doubt you’re hugely excited. But it’s also a big reality check when you realise you now have the responsibility of surviving on your own.

So, just in case you need a little help, we asked a few people for some tips on what you need to know before moving out.

Take control of your finances early

Bills are the not-so-fun part about moving out of home, but they’re a reality you must get used to. Internet, phone, insurance, utilities services, not to mention rent — the list is endless.

First rule of thumb that can help you is to use a system that helps you stay in control of your bill payments. Having a system in place can help you avoid those moments when an unexpected direct debit comes out of your bank account.

Using an easy and convenient payment method like BPAY® can help you avoid the sting of an unexpected direct debit. BPAY lets you schedule your bill payments when it’s convenient for you such as after pay day so it works with your pay cycle; you could even schedule smaller payments without paying the whole chunk of the bill in one go, as long it’s all paid by the due date.*

The great part about BPAY is that it’s accessible within your online banking, which makes it easy to stay on top of your bills. If you’ve moved into a share house, all house mates can pay their share of the bill using the one Biller Code and Customer Reference Number without leaving one person to front the whole bill and chase everyone for their share.

“I use BPAY for most of my bills,” says Lucy, a renter in Townsville.

“I have the Biller Codes saved in my bank account and I schedule the payments for the Saturday after I get paid every month.”

Location matters

Most people have a basic idea about the type of home they want to live in. But is it the best location? Does it have good transport? Are there shops close by for groceries and cafes for the weekend? Can you easily get to work?

Ask yourselves these questions before you file the rental application. Don’t get stuck in a home — even if it’s an awesome pad — if the location is inconvenient.

Check the phone coverage

There’s nothing worse than dreaming of your perfect first home only to move in and find you can’t get phone service.

Roger, a homeowner in Sydney, says reception in his first flat was “terrible”.

“Everyone in the building complained about not being able to take phone calls inside and when the train went past, it would knock out the service altogether,” he warns.

So, keep your phone handy and check you’re not in a black spot during your rental inspection.

Kitchen skills are crucial

Part of adulting is feeding ourselves and there is no way you can afford to Uber your dinner every night. So, you need to get some basic culinary skills.

Ask mum for tips, take lessons, buy a cookbook, or binge-watch your favourite cooking shows. Just make sure you have a mix of healthy, tasty recipes that you can whip up each week.

Bin day is important

You’ve probably noticed the garbage bin outside each week but never really taken note of which colour goes out and on what day. Kerbside collection becomes essential when you move out, especially if you miss your pickup day and the rubbish starts stacking up inside your house.

Check your council website to find out when rubbish is collected before you move in and put a scheduled reminder in your phone for the night before.

Prepare for emergencies

You’ve probably heard a lot about saving up enough money to pay for those rainy days and unexpected emergencies. Sure, that’s important. But something much more pressing is how you will get inside if you misplace your key.

Don’t hide a spare in the garden as that’s a safety risk. Instead, get an extra key cut and give it to a trusted friend in advance.

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