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7 Items to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

By George Hadgelias

Want to start settling into your new rental? Find out how to furnish your new house to make it feel like home.

So, you’ve moved into a new place and want to start making it your own. While homeowners can paint walls and make all manner of adjustments to suit their needs, renters have fewer options for personalising a space.

To help you feel at home sooner, we’ve compiled a list of items that enhance the comfort and liveability of your new home – fast!

However, before you start stocking up, consider purchasing insurance to protect your belongings. AAMI’s rental insurance can cover your contents in the event of burglaries, wild weather events and a range of other insured events that can leave you out of pocket.

1. A rug

Rugs are a nice decorative touch, as well as a vital provider of comfort. They feel nice underfoot and can enhance a room’s style. However, the main functions of a rug are highly practical. Firstly, they provide extra insulation – a big bonus in winter.

More than that, they provide protection for your floors which – in a rental – is absolutely vital!

Whether you have carpet (stains!) or floorboards (scratches!) cover it up urgently with an extra layer.

2. A couch

It doesn’t have to be a couch. Let’s just call it ‘somewhere to sit’. You’ll want somewhere to recline at the end of the day. If you’re in a share house, you’ll want this one sorted quickly so you can have living room hangouts in comfort.

If you’re in a small room or studio, an armchair may suffice. If you’re a keen floor-sitter, at least invest in some cushions to aid those delicate joints!

3. Wall art

Nothing says ‘short-term living situation’ like bare walls. Hanging some photographs, artworks or posters will not only liven a room, it will allow you to inject your personality into a space.

Displaying items that are personal or beloved by you is a direct route to feeling at home.

Landlords will often allow you to hang pictures or photo frames on walls, provided you ask permission first and agree to repair the holes when the time comes to move out. Just be sure to check!

4. Power boards

Why is it that rental homes never seem to have enough power points?

Whenever you’re trying to fit your own items into someone else’s layout, you probably find yourself in need of power boards, extension cords or other power-connecting devices.

Just remember to get high-quality, surge-protected power boards for safety and follow the safety instructions provided. Also, invest in some cable ties or clips to keep the mess of cords orderly.

5. A fridge

Appliances can potentially be shuffled between homes, but you’ll often find yourself restricted by layouts and space. For instance, if your rental kitchen has a nook for your fridge, you may find yourself selling that deluxe double-door unit and shopping for a new appliance to fit these specific dimensions.

Just remember to take measurements before you move in – including doorway measurements. The last thing you want is to find out you can’t fit your washing machine through the front door, let alone in your new apartment.

6. Curtains

Curtains not only help with privacy but, like rugs or other decor, can enhance your style or colour. When you can’t paint walls or change carpets, these added layers can help inject that sense of personality into a space.

7. Entertainment

You won’t feel at home in a new place until you can feel like yourself. Even after that first day of moving, you’ll want to sit back and relax. Whether you like to spend your downtime gaming, reading a book, watching TV, or browsing luxe real estate, set yourself up with a good quality screen and a comfortable space to kick back.

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