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A Seller’s Checklist

By George Hadgelias

FEEDBACK.  Selling the family home can be stressful particularly when awaiting the outcome of key activities.  Here at Ray White Paddington we guarantee to contact you in person or on the telephone to provide feedback after every advertisement, open home and inspection.

RECOMMENDATIONS. From the day we are appointed as your selling agent we will act in your best interests and make constructive recommendations on how to achieve the highest possible price for your property.

MARKETING.  Cost effective marketing is the key to exposing your property to as many prospective purchasers as possible.  We conduct ongoing local research to ensure our marketing targets those who are ready to buy without delay.

PRICING. Asking too little or too much for any product can be a disaster.  Here at Ray White Paddington we have the accurate market knowledge to help you price your home and achieve the results you demand.

NEGOTIATION. We are proud of the fact that so many of our past clients have referred to our skills at negotiating the best outcome for them.  When negotiating we are always fair to both parties but at all times act to ensure the best result possible for you, our client.

PURCHASERS. We maintain and correspond with a database of genuine purchasers looking to buy a residential property.  We sell more homes because we have more buyers – not because we have more listings.

EFFORTLESS OPEN HOMES. When our clients choose to open their homes for inspection, we have the policies and guidelines which minimize disturbance to your daily routine and achieve optimum results.

AVAILABILITY.  Yes we use SMS and email but some inexperienced agents “hide behind” modern communication and don’t really keep in touch.  Personal contact, being available in person or over the telephone, is essential to our successful relationship with you.

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