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Bostik Boys shares their tips for sprucing up your pad for sale

By Addy Whitburn

The weather is warming up and for sellers that means it is time to spring in to action and get their property ready for sale.

To help sellers, the Bostik Boys, two tradies Adrian Franchina and Mark Menegatti, share their tips on how to make a property stand out during the all important spring selling season.


Nothing puts people off more than a house or apartment that looks tired.

Start by washing your walls and skirting boards with sugar soap.

Then decide if a coat of paint is required, and if so, whether to paint the entire property or focus on particular areas.

Declutter your home and be ruthless.

Take a good hard look and get rid of anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. An uncluttered house feels bigger and more relaxing to live in. Decluttering can add thousands to the value of your property.

Fix anything that is broken or damaged. Leaking taps or shower heads must be repaired. Ensure all light globes work. Cracks in walls should be sealed. Cracked tiles need to be replaced. Cracked windows – even cracked shower screens – should be replaced.

Basically, anything that looks like it will be a bit of effort to fix should be done before you list. It’s all about removing potential hurdles for buyers.


Clean every room like a ninja. Give your oven a hardcore clean and clean your fridge and dishwasher too – people will look inside during inspections. Same goes for inside cupboards and wardrobes.

Steam clean your carpets. Blinds and curtains are often overlooked but need to be clean. This can add a whole new level of freshness to a property. If you have pets – or teenagers – you’ll need to deodorise.

Every single window in your property will need to be cleaned, inside and out.

You’ll be amazed how much brighter your home appears once that layer of grime is gone.

We recommend a warm water and white vinegar solution and several sheets of newspaper.

One way to make your bathroom appear new again is to re-grout. It can take a bit of effort, but the results can be dazzling and could help potential buyers overlook an aged toilet or basin.

If your budget permits employ a professional cleaner to give your property a “vacate clean’’. These people can work wonders and they will see stuff that you won’t even have considered.


Take the time to fix up your garden. Rake leaves, trim bushes and hedges and consider planting some jasmine for an extra hint of happiness.

Repair any damaged outdoor stairs, decks or railings.

If you have the space, invest in making a relaxing and appealing outdoor area. Outdoor furniture and rugs can be bought cheaply on Facebook Marketplace or eBay.

Another “room’’ will only add to the appeal of your property.

You might groan at the thought of this next one, but don’t forget to clear out your garage and shed. To make it appear even more useful add some bike racks and get those items off the floor.


Some people will hire stylists to make their properties look their best.

It’s often worth the investment, but if you can’t there are a few things you can do to improve your property.

Buy a new welcome mat. They get worn and grotty over the years, so invest in a new mat.

Remove your family photos and other items that really link your home to your family. You’re trying to help potential buyers imagine your home as theirs, so remove any obvious obstacles.

Think about the time of day your property looks its best. This will depend on the orientation of your home. If your property faces west and gets really hot in the afternoon, plan your opens for the morning.

Getting a property ready for sale is a lot of work but it’s generally a case of short-term pain for long-term gain. Put in the effort before listing and you’ll be more likely to get a much better result during your campaign.

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