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Choosing a rental property

By George Hadgelias

A property owner or landlord owns a rental property but it is a tenant’s home.

Tenants should make sure a property matches their needs and lifestyle before signing a tenancy agreement.

They should also read the agreement and any special terms carefully before signing it and paying any monies.


  • Is the property the right size?
  • Is it in the right location for work and social activities?
  • Is it suitable for pets or children?
  • Can you maintain the property? (e.g. can you look after a pool, or large garden?)
  • Does the property have the facilities you need? (e.g. does it have a broadband connection? If not, can it be added and who will pay for these services to be made available?)
  • Will you have to pay for water usage?
  • In a rural property will you need to refill the water tank in dry weather?
  • Will there be additional costs for occasional garden maintenance? (e.g. disposing of green waste, tree pruning)
  • In a caravan park, will there be extra site costs?
  • If there are gas bottles, will they be filled at the start of the tenancy and will a receipt be provided?
  • Does the property have the level of security you require? (e.g. screens on windows)

There are services that may help you choose a suitable rental property.

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