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Get Ready Queensland – Storm Season

By George Hadgelias

When it comes to extreme weather events in Queensland, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when‘.

Get Ready Queensland is a year-round program helping all Queenslanders prepare for natural disasters.
Being prepared before a disaster hits could be the difference between staying safe or putting yourself and those you love in danger.

Queensland is a unique state that spans a range of rural, remote, coastal and urban environments. With that diversity brings risks when it comes to the natural disasters that frequently occur across the state every year. Your understanding of possible risks during a severe weather event could be the difference between keeping those you love safe or putting them in danger.

Getting to know Queensland

If you have lived in Queensland all your life, have recently moved here or just landed for your holidays, it’s important to understand and keep reassessing your disaster risk, which varies depending on where you are in Queensland and your personal circumstances.

Since 2011, Queenslanders have faced more than 70 disaster events including storms, fires, cyclones, storm tides and floods. These disasters have impacted almost every corner of the State and cost more than $14.5 billion in insurance claims.

Queensland’s sub-tropical and tropical climate means that people’s experiences of natural disasters are very different to other parts of the country. Visitors or new residents can find Queensland’s weather patterns confusing. For example, in southern states the winters tend to be wetter than in summer, with dryer periods leading to fire risk. In contrast, Queensland’s wet season tends to occur in the summer months, which is why fire risk is greater in winter through to spring.

Depending on your location you need to be mindful of different risks. For example, the coastal areas north from Bundaberg are the most susceptible to cyclones. However, the accompanying wind and rain from weakening cyclones can affect communities throughout all parts of Queensland.

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