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How to nail a property inspection

By George Hadgelias

With all the queues, meeting and greeting, wide smiles (and maybe some gentle elbowing in the ribs of the competition), property inspections can feel a bit like an audition to the best show in town.

The pressure to stand out from the crowd can be daunting but don’t despair, our very own dazzling Kween of Rentals – drag superstar Karen From Finance – definitely knows how to make a great first impression.

Here, she shares her hard and fast rules on how to nail an inspection…

BE PUNCTUAL. Or even better be early just to show you’re really keen.

BE REALISTIC. Only check out properties that are within your budget. It saves both you and the agent time.

BE DRESSED TO IMPRESS. First impressions count and the agent will likely think: ‘neat outfit, neat home’.

BE POLITE & STAY IN THE AGENT’S GOOD BOOKS. Introduce yourself to the agent and if you love the property let them know it’s perfect for you. Don’t badmouth properties you don’t like; instead be the epitome of diplomacy, smile sweetly and ask if they have anything else coming up… they might be just about to list your perfect rental.

BE A DETECTIVE. We’re not talking full-on forensics, but you are there to inspect the place, so go to town on the details. Check locks on doors and windows, gates and garages. Scope out the shower, storage, heating and cooling systems, and electrical outlets. Just resist rifling through the walk-in robe… that’s a step too far darlings.

BE KEEN. If you like the property, don’t be shy. Show it. Ask the agent questions! Take their card and ask them how you should apply, and by when.

Next, go home and do exactly what the agent has told you to do, then follow up on the phone to confirm they got it. Be tenacious.

What are you waiting for poppets? Go forth and razzle dazzle!

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