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I could help save you $$$ Chris Dobbie from Loan Market

By George Hadgelias

With the current state of play, it is rare to be hit up with a positive news story. So I’ve decided to buck the trend and pay it forward by seeing if I can save you some money.

As your broker, it’s my job to make sure your interest rate remains competitive, works hard for you and suits your current situation.

Here are five reasons why refinancing might be the right option for you:

  1. Rates are at an all time low. Now is the time to take advantage of the market.

  2. There are more and more cashback offers in the market. I have access to 60+ banks and lenders so I can negotiate to get a better rate for you and see if you’re eligible for a cashback offer.

  3. Refinancing could open doors to new loan features and benefits.

  4. Consolidate those debts into one package (hopefully at a lower interest rate!).

  5. Invest in home equity and use the extra funds to help with your current circumstances.

Did you know? A 0.5% p.a. decrease in interest rate on a $500,000 loan saves you $208 per month. That’s an extra $2,496 in your pocket every year from just half a percent decrease. Now that’s a positive news story!

While we can’t control the stay home orders, we can help you take control of your finances. The easiest way to get started online is through the button below. Or if you’d prefer, let’s meet online via Zoom or have a quick call to chat about your options.

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