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James Street Food and Wine Trail 2021

By George Hadgelias

For the ninth time, it’s time to dine at the James Street Food & Wine Trail.

Good food aside, this is a moveable feast across several days culminating in an urban picnic, designed not just to highlight the work of local chefs, providers and true tastemakers, but be one downright delicious outing for all.


Sunday 1 August 10AM – 6PM

We couldn’t be happier or hungrier. Market Day is back.

If ever there were a day to don your roomiest – yet refined – outfit, this urban picnic is it. For eight hours, our resident chefs and kitchen teams are taking it outside, and lining up side-by-side in stalls to form the ultimate alfresco dining room.



Think of these as appetisers and entrées in the lead up to the main event. For four days there are evening events to attend, rooftop yoga beside a garden to book, a champagne lunch to look forward to and a selection of ‘off menu’ specials to saveur. Lock a spot in for just one, or treat yourself and attend them all.

Seeking to stay longer on James Street? The Calile between Wednesday 28 July to Sunday 1 August (inclusive) and receive 20% off. Enter SHOPEATSLEEP upon booking.

CLICK HERE for more information.

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