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Moving hacks 101

By George Hadgelias

Moving is a notoriously painful process – but it doesn’t have to be.We’ve put together some modern-day hacks to make your relocation as smooth as possible.

1. Declutter & donate

Let’s face it – you’ve likely accumulated a few extra items over the course of your residency. So what better time to downsize your belongings than when you’ve got to move them? The mere thought of packing up and paying for the relocation of unwanted possessions should be incentive enough to give them away.

It’s ideal to start streamlining your items a couple of weeks in advance of your move.

Ask yourself, ‘when was the last time I used this?’ If it’s been a while – it could be time to donate. That will reduce the scope of the removal job, as well as save you time packing.

Try donating to any of the bigger op-shops: charity organisations are good at taking a large number of donated items and they end up where they need to be.

Australian cities have a range of op-shops to choose from. Check out this handy list for your closest options.

2. Make a list & check it twice

Planning is essential for a smooth move. Whether it’s a comprehensive spreadsheet or a list of items made room-by-room, you’ll need a game plan to cover all bases.

Go through and have a look at everything you’d like to relocate, then make a rudimentary list so you and your removalist have a good idea of the tasks ahead.

The worst thing you can do is underestimate your costs, budget and space requirements, and then not allow enough time or resources to get it done on the day.

3. Update your utilities (in mere minutes)

One of the most annoying aspects of changing address is the volume of phone calls and paperwork to update your utilities. Who wants to be put on hold for hour? Nobody, that’s who.

When it comes time to move, power company Powershop make it painless – if you head to their website you can join in around five minutes, then they’ll take care of the rest. You may even be eligible for a next-business day connection (head to the website for more details).

You can also download Powershop’s app to keep track of your electricity costs once you’re all settled in – and if you get a friend to sign up, you’ll get $75 power for free, which is credited to your account as $25 power credits every month for three months. Win, win!

4. App-ly yourself

If you want to get high-tech organised, an app such as Sortly (available on iOS) will simplify your inventory and help you keep track of everything you’ve packed. Use the folder system to categorise your items and add in any photos, notes or warranty details you might need. You can also scan barcodes and print QR labels to add to boxes for easy unpacking at your new house.

To save you and the removalists time and pain shuffling furniture around, why not map out your floor plan ahead of time? Floorplanner is a handy free tool that lets you estimate what can fit where, so you’re better prepared on the day.

5. Simple storage

If you need to store some items between moving out and moving in, a mobile service like Taxibox is both convenient and cost-effective.

They’ll deliver a container to your house, giving you plenty of time to fill it with your belongings, then lock it up and have it collected and taken to one of their facilities. When you’re ready, it’ll be shipped to your new address.

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