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Our history with auctions

By George Hadgelias

Ray White has always had a history with auctions, since its inception in 1902. From his humble Shed, Ray started his auctioning business with real estate after dominating auctions in the small Queensland rural town of Crows Nest. He sold anything from machinery, cars, livestock and all manner of chattel, to eventually becoming a respected real estate auctioneer and salesman.

121 years later, Ray White’s high performance national training still focuses on creating competition in all markets.

Brian White, Chairman of Ray White, knows the importance of auctions – which is why he coined the phrase “Competition Creators”, a term recently trademarked by the group.

“The term came to me one night when I was grappling with just who we are? And what’s the best term to describe the value we can bring to the community? We are the vendor’s agent and our job is to get the very best price for our vendors,” Mr White said.

“And that’s different to an agent who goes out and gets the very cheapest price for their buyers.

“The greatest way to achieve a better price is when someone who wants a property realises there’s someone else who wishes to have it and is prepared to pay a higher price than they had hoped that they could. We create that competition at auction.

“Nothing gives buyers more confidence in the value of the property than seeing other people bidding for it and bidding higher prices.

“We believe this is what has been the foundation for our success. And to be known as competition creators tunes in perfectly with why we represent ourselves to potential sellers as their best choice.”

“Ray had the instinct to auction. Auctioning has been at the heart of our business since 1902. We are so passionate about being the competition creators as the best method of sale to achieve the best result for our sellers.”

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