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Pavement Whispers: Volume 401 March 28th

By George Hadgelias

Jacopo’s Pizza
The reputation of Range Brewing’s beers speaks for itself, but anyone that visits the beer maker’s Newstead brewery regularly will tell you that its pizzas rival the quality of the ales, and are up there amongst Brisbane’s best. It’s a huge call, especially in a city with so many sensational slice slingers, but take one bite of a Range’s pizza and you’ll get it. Looking to give a bit of extra shine to its food offering, the Range Brewing team is shaking things up in the kitchen, starting by giving it a new identity. Jacopo’s Pizza is named in honour of Range’s original Roman-born chef, who gifted the team the original recipe for its 24-hour slow-rise sourdough pizzas (legend has it that Jacopo learned the recipe himself from an ex-mafioso on house arrest). With a new name comes a new menu, but don’t fret – the pizzas, made delicately thin, delightfully crispy and easy to digest courtesy of the signature cold-fermentation process, is still central to the offering. Highlights of the seven-strong pizza range include the spicy-sweet Peter Piper (fermented chilli, Bee One Third honey, hot salami and pickled peppers), the House Arrest (free-range ham, Christmas-spiced charred pineapple and thyme) and the Bush Walk (twice-roasted marinated mushrooms and red onions). The menu has also been expanded, with guests now able to devour cacio e pepe suppli, fried beef and ‘nduja meatballs served with marinara and parmesan, and house-made garlic focaccia with garlic butter. Every Thursday, Jacopo’s Pizza will swap pizza for fried chicken, selling serves of crispy chook flavoured with a tantalising spice blend alongside hearty helpings of house-made ranch sauce. Jacopo’s is open from Wednesday to Sunday for dine-in and takeaway – check the website for full menu and ordering details.

Beurre Pastries
The growth of Brisbane’s bakery scene isn’t slowing any time soon – more baked-goods dispensaries are popping up around town and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The newest name to hit the scene is Beurre Pastries, a fresh concept from the crew behind popular Christchurch bakery and cafe LeBakermen. Owner Will Leung, an accomplished patissier who has travelled across Japan, Australia, Europe and New Zealand picking up baking skills and inspiration, will be indulging his wilder creative notions at Beurre Pastries, which is taking shape on Park Road in Milton – directly across the street from La Dolce Vita. A tight range of high-end artisanal pastries will show off Will’s culinary nous, with the menu broken up into four sections – core items, seasonal treats, monthly specials and a range of locals-only items that you need to be a regular to catch. Expect showstoppers like black sesame morning buns with yuzu glaze to share cabinet space with a host of classic and curious creations, while cups of coffee from Bare Bones will be available alongside a clutch of specialty iced drinks. Clui Design and Lowry Group are collaborating on the aesthetic and fit-out, honing in on a sophisticated look that will match the eye-catching pastries in quality. Beurre Pastries is expected to open towards the end of May or early June. Keep your eyes peeled for more info!

Maru Grill House
Fans of Korean barbecue, this one’s for you. Maru Grill House, a sizzling new eatery from the team behind Maru Korean Restaurant on Elizabeth Street, will put top-grade wagyu in the spotlight and give carnivores the chance to cook high-quality meaty morsels to perfection over charcoal. Taking shape over on Mary Street, Maru Grill House will offer seating for approximately 136 guests over two levels (including a 16-seat private-dining space), with a comfortable yet sophisticated aesthetic being applied to the interior. Key to the experience are charcoal grills, which will use white charcoal (also known as binchōtan) to cook everything from premium Aussie wagyu, fresh pork and vegetables, served alongside a range of banchan, or side dishes. Diners will be able to order serves of meat by type (did we mention the all wagyu comes with a marble score of 8–9?), while combo sets will allow groups to order a bit of everything. On the drinks front, Maru Grill House will dispense a broad array of Korean beverages, from soju and rice wine to beer, rice punch and crushed pear juice. Maru Grill House is targeting a mid-April opening date – rest assured we’ll be popping our head in to take a look once it launches.

Frankie’s Food Hall
As much as we love popping out for a long and lavish lunch, sometimes all we crave at midday is some good ol’ carvery fare. Heritage Lanes in The City has injected a suite of new dining options into its bustling end of Ann Street, with coffee spot Public and contemporary eatery Gather Bistro drawing in crowds. Frankie’s FoodHall, a soon-to-open 40-seat sandwich bar will look to add an accessible chow option to the thriving precinct’s offering. Frankie’s will serve traditional morsels like premium roast rolls, make-your-own sandwiches, a rotating selection of salads, plus scallops and chiko rolls. The team will also be putting a bit of a spin on menu, infusing some Greek and Croatian influences into the spread, exemplified by the Frankie Burger – a signature item boasting smoked cevapi. Beyond food, Frankie’s will serve coffee, juices, smoothies and frappes, with a breakfast offering also expected to feature. Frankie’s Food Hall is targeting a late-April or early-May opening date. Stay tuned for more.

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