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Sink your teeth into a handful of happiness from Doughluxe Doughnuts

By George Hadgelias
No-one could possibly have predicted the widespread upheaval COVID19 would cause around the globe, but one of the unexpected outcomes is that during these strange and challenging times people have been forced to find innovative ways to keep busy and get by. When Jacqueline Madden-Manu and Giuliano Melluso (formerly of Darling and Co) found themselves at a loose end as a result of the virus, the pair decided to turn to the kitchen and channel their creativity into something they knew people needed – luxurious, fresh, comforting doughnuts made with love and passion. Brisbane, say hello to Doughluxe Doughnuts.
Doughnuts are essentially parcels of pure happiness, so it’s not entirely surprising Brisbane folk cannot get enough of Doughluxe Doughnuts and its small batch, slow-rise creations. Featuring a mouth-watering array of flavours including Nutella and honeycomb, creme brûlée, lemon meringue, salted caramel and strawberry jam, and weighing in at a hefty 120 grams per ball, Doughluxe Doughnuts deliver the sweet and indulgent experience we are all craving right about now.

So, where can you get your mitts on these decadent doughboys? Well, Doughluxe Doughnuts is currently delivering Friday, Saturday and Sunday with additional days expected to be added once cafes return to normal trading. This weekend you will find them at Morning AfterYolk, Long Island Refuel, Lil Gypsy, St Coco CafeBlack Sheep CafeBunkerLittle GenoveseMicrolot Coffee HouseMoonshine CoffeeSalt.Stomp Espresso and Botellon. Whoever said you can’t buy happiness has clearly not had the pleasure of one of these doughnuts.

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