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Sunny Side Sandwiches is coming to Paddington

By George Hadgelias

Last week, the team behind Paddington baked-goods outlet Mis•spelt announced some changes were in the works. The news revealed that the pink-hued corner locale, which showcased primo pastries and loaves from some of Brisbane’s best bakeries, had closed, but the crew were quick to add that the cosy corner space would continue to cater to the carb cravings of the local populace. We can reveal that Sunny Side Sandwiches is taking over the site, opening a new location to grab its popular menu of cut lunch and freshly squeezed orange juice in the coming months. Here’s what we know …

Judging by the crowds that congregated outside Mis•spelt every weekend, the loaf-lobbing sibling to neighbouring coffee spot Blackout was a hit. Sam Holman and Eli Rami (who, in addition to Mis•spelt and Blackout, also own The Black Lab Coffee Co.Noir and If You Say So) noticed that one item in particular was outstripping everything else in terms of demand. It wasn’t the danishes, artisanal sourdoughs or croissants that had customers returning – it was Mis•spelt’s deli-style sandwiches. The emergence of this surprise favourite got Sam and Eli thinking. Could the space be put to better use? Was it sandwiches, not baked goods, that Paddington locals were really wanting? The team made the tough call over the end-of-year period to not reopen Mis•spelt and instead started to search for a sandwich specialist that could help maximise the location. “We tested it – with the little knowledge we have about making sandwiches – and it worked,” says Eli of the choice to pivot. “So we thought, ‘Why not get someone who knows what they’re doing?’” The ideal candidate presented themselves quickly in the form of Mack Bowers and Charline De Conto of Windsor sambo seller Sunny Side Sandwiches. The duo, who were coincidentally investigating spaces for a new site in the Paddington area, jumped at the chance to expand across town and signed on to take the baton from the Mis•spelt and run with it.

Sunny Side Sandwiches will be a smaller operation, compared to its other site at Homezone Windsor. Mis•spelt’s aesthetic, comprised of blush tones, terrazzo counter tops and blonde timber, will be exchanged for Sunny Side’s maximalist bright-yellow scheme, with the existing curved counter removed and a new prep space and sandwich counter constructed alongside the opposite wall (where Mis•spelt retail shelves were previously). Sunny Side fans can look forward to a similar menu to the Homezone flagship, with the majority of options expected to transition across. “This is going to be almost the same menu – all the baking and prep is happening at Windsor and then everything is dropped in and ready to go, and the sandwiches are still made to order,” explains Mack. “There’s going to be the chicken schnittybacon-and-egg rollbreakfast sandwichegg and cheesepastrami – all the deli classics you’ve been accustomed to.” Fresh orange juice will also be on offer, but Mack and Charlene will leave the coffee service to the Blackout team next door.

Sunny Side Sandwiches Paddington will open in late February or early March – stay tuned for more on this one in the coming weeks.

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