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The round-up: where to take a bite out of Brisbane’s best breakfast rolls

By George Hadgelias

While bacon and eggs reigns supreme as the greatest breakfast dish of all time, the more portable breakfast roll – featuring bacon, eggs, cheese and a dollop of sauce between a set of soft buns – takes top marks for grab-and-go convenience. Whether you spell it brekkie or breaky, the breakfast bun is a cafe staple, therefore we’ve decided to see if we could narrow down some of Brisbane’s best. First, we have a couple of qualifiers. This is by no means an exhaustive list – it’s an ever-evolving summary of stand-out selections. We’ve also made the choice to exclude more prototypical sandwiches, breakfast wraps and bagel-based options. Now, without further ado, here’s our list of Brisbane’s most bangin’ breakfast rolls …

Yolk, Newstead: If there’s one spot that stakes its reputation on doing some of the best brekkie rolls in Brisbane, it’s Yolk. This Newstead pit stop prides itself on nailing this classic day starter – and it is hard to argue with the end result. Folks can swing in for a traditional bacon, cheese and egg roll, which can be enhanced with a selection of extras (a piece of crispy chicken or hash brown in the middle, perhaps?) and your choice of sauce. Want something a bit meatier? Yolk’s steak-and-egg roll is loaded with an Angus scotch fillet, sunny side egg, a lashing of chimichurri, American cheese and a dollop of dijonnaise. Vegetarian pals can also swap the protein for a panko-crumbed mushroom, if desired.

Sunny Side Sandwiches, Windsor: This outpost might be a relative newcomer to the scene, but the sandwich specialist is wasting no time making a good impression on our tastebuds. The menu here has a breakfast sandwich that’s pretty darn good – but it’s the roll that we’re frothing over right now. It’s got the essentials down pat, with smoky bacon, fried egg and a lightly toasted milk bun as the foundation. Extras like more bacon (because you can never have enough), hash browns, cheese and pastrami can help elevate the roll into the stratosphere.

Nodo, various locations: As a titan of the Brisbane brunch scene, what sort of cafe would Nodo be if it didn’t have a brekkie burger on its menu? The Nodo milk bun is a dreamy dish that ticks all the necessary boxes – free-range bacon, spinach, soft fried egg, a squeeze of spring onion mayo and native ketchup gently layered on a house-baked milk bun. Our suggestion? Add one of Nodo’s famed cauliflower hash browns to the mix. Thank us later.

Morning After, West End: A cafe prides itself on soothing heavy heads and seedy souls naturally has a hangover-beating handful to sample. Okay, yes – cafe’s offering comes on a steamed English muffin, not a bun, but we’re not going to be sticklers here. Morning After’s MaMuffin is loaded with wagyu and pork sausage, scrambled egg, double cheese, hot smoky BBQ sauce and hash brown. It’s worth dragging our dusty bodies out of bed for, we reckon!

The Green, Fortitude Valley: Much like Morning After’s MaMuffin, The Green’s Lebanese sausage and egg muffin doesn’t adhere to strict breakfast burger form, but its taste (and satisfaction levels) make it a worthy inclusion here. A dense sausage patty is topped with fried egg, haloumi, pickles and shatta (a herby Middle Eastern hot sauce). We can confirm that this dish will leave your lips tingling and eyes glazed over with contentment.

The Smug Fig Kitchen & Social, Stones Corner: Sometimes a we like to shake things up from the traditional bacon-and-egg framework. Stones Corner cafe The Smug Fig has a classic bacon-and-egg roll on its menu, sure, but the crew here also whips up a smashing sausage-and-egg burger boasting a meaty sausage patty, sunny fried egg and brown sauce layered between a milk bun. Hand us a tissue – we’re drooling!

Remy’s, Paddington: If variety is the spice of life, then Remy’s breakfast burger offering is a spicy collection indeed. If you’re only a little bit peckish, the cafe’s bacon, egg and cheese bun (which comes with a hash brown and a dollop of special sauce) will hit the spot. Those that awoke with a fierce hunger should look to the smoked bacon breakfast burger (featuring lettuce, tomato, fried egg, hash brown, Swiss cheese, jalapeno mayo and Remy’s relish) or the vegetarian option, which switches meat for grilled haloumi and smashed avocado. There’s no wrong choice here.

Peach Cafe, Auchenflower: This pastel-hued cafe has a menu loaded with nourishing goodness, but guests feeling a little bit naughty should seek out the cafe’s heralded haloumi hash burger. Here’s what’s on it – grilled haloumi (of course), herbed leek and potato hash, lettuce, chilli hollandaise and fried egg on a milk bun. While it already sounds pretty special, those that go bonkers for bacon can add some on as an extra.

Sister Cafe, Hawthorne: It’s hard to top a classic and Sister Cafe sticks pretty close to the formula for its breakfast burger. That being said, there are a few fun tweaks here that set this two-hander apart from the pack. We’re talking sriracha-maple-glazed bacon, fried egg, aioli, smoky BBQ sauce, spinach, pickle and cheese on a toasted milk bun. Simple, yes, but oh-so satisfying.

Sippy Tom, Teneriffe: Sippy Tom had a menu upgrade not too long ago, but thankfully the brains behind the cafe’s kitchen operations decided to keep a brekkie burger on the menu and it’s a doozy! This one boasts a house made pork ‘head sausage’, fried egg and black garlic aioli. We’re tempted to order two.

The Single Guys, Brisbane City: We’d be remiss if we didn’t include one inner-city option for the time-poor commuting crowd. If you’re in a hurry but need something filling for breakfast before you chain yourself to your desk, The Single Guys on Charlotte Street sling a breakfast roll filled with bacon, fried egg, rocket, vintage cheddar, aioli and relish on a pillowy oft brioche bun.

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