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The Top 10 Features People Are After When Buying a Home

By George Hadgelias

If you’re curious as to what buyers in the real estate market are looking for in 2022, you’ve come to the right place.

By collating the most searched keywords on*, we’ve uncovered which home extras are the top of buyers’ wish lists this year.

1. Swimming pool

Swimming pools are always a popular feature in Aussie homes, particularly for those with young families.

Interestingly, Australia has the highest number of pools per capita. The most recent data from Roy Morgan found nearly 2.7 million Australians live with a pool at their home.

When it comes to our major cities, Perth (19%), Brisbane (18%) and Sydney (15%) have the highest percentage of their population with a pool a pool at home. However, regional Queensland had the highest percentage, with 20% of folks having a pool.

“Typically North Queenslanders look for three or four bedroom homes with space for children and pets,” RAMS Mackay and North Queensland Franchise Principal Leon Owen shares. “In our area as well, we always advise buyers to check the target property will have good phone and nbn service, and access to shops and schools etcetera.”

2. Garage

Australia has a lot of open space and not a lot of public transport connecting some of our sprawling cities, which is perhaps why a garage is a must-have for a lot of households.

According to the last Australian Bureau of Statistics Motor Vehicle Census, there were 20.1 million registered vehicles in Australia, with all states and territories reporting an increase in vehicles between March 2020 and 2021.

Furthermore, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, a significant number of Aussies reportedly ditched public transport in favour of using their cars.

It’s no surprise then that most of us want a safe place to keep our car.

3. Outdoor area

Who doesn’t want a home with your own space to stretch out and enjoy the fresh air? Perhaps now more than ever, outdoor space is a priority.

During the pandemic most of Australia endured lockdowns and mirrored a global ‘puppy boom’. Whether for us or our four-legged friends, we’re on the hunt for fresh air and green grass.(We’d even settle for a paved courtyard, right?)

4. Air-conditioning

Even in a La Nina year – or perhaps because of the La Nina year – we’re keen on getting air-con for that indoor temperature control.

In most areas of Australia, ceiling fans and open windows sadly just don’t cut it when it comes to cooling down at home in summer or keeping our homes dry during rainy seasons.

5. Ensuite

Bathrooms are an essential, but isn’t it nice to have one all to yourself?

Despite a pandemic and rising house prices, Australians reportedly still want their dream homes with plenty of space, both indoor and out. They also want the luxuries of a true dream home, such as ensuites and pools.

If you’re considering renovating, make sure you tell your lender and ensure you have the right mortgage product for your needs.

“Renovating is the new normal for recent first home buyers particularly with the cost of new builds increasing dramatically,” Owen says. “A key consideration for us at RAMS would be to make sure the renovation meets the client’s needs and budget.”

6. Balcony

You could file this under ‘outdoor space’ but a balcony is more likely a demand for those hunting for apartments.

If you can’t be surrounded by private outdoor space, is it too much to ask for little spot from which you can sip an espresso and enjoy your view?

7. Built-in robes

Newer homes are more likely to cater to this demand. But if you’re looking at an area with older homes, you’re likely facing the struggle of bringing in a stand-alone wardrobe or armoir.

Who wants that sucking up their floorspace?

8. Dishwasher

Mod cons and convenience are priorities for modern house hunters. Therefore, a dishwasher is a highly sought-after appliance for house hunters in 2022.

Once you’ve enjoyed the privileges of a dishwasher, can you ever go back? For the eco-conscious, dishwashers are also much better at saving water than doing multiple sink washes throughout the day.

9. Study

One of the most significant shifts in the modern workforce has occurred over the past few years, with remote or hybrid working models becoming the norm for many.

White collar workers shifted most of their duties online, allowing for most to work from home. That’s not to mention the vast number of students, freelancers and entrepreneurs all moving business activity into their place of rest.

Off the back of this, we’re seeing an ongoing demand for home offices and studies to accommodate a work-from-home lifestyle.

10. Courtyard

Oh, more outdoor space? The people want fresh air! Courtyards are particularly important for buyers who may find themselves in the unit price range and lifestyle, but may have a furry friend to accommodate as well.

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